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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a sequence?

Each of the blocks of text in the image below (what you might call a 'card') is a sequence. Each sequence contains up to a paragraph of text describing an event and is the next (possible) step in you story. From each sequence you'll generate numerous possible "next steps" in your plot, choose the one (or more!) that you like the most, then generate several more sequences from there until you find the path you like the most.
Story Path preview

How many sequences will I need?

There isn't a hard-and-fast answer as every story, and Story Path, is different. Stories that are more straight-forward won't need as many sequences, and 40 sequences may be more than enough. But for a story with lots of twists and turns and that is very complex, or if you are working on multiple stories, or if you really want to explore many different options for a plot, you would need a lot more.

A Booster is an easy way to try out Story Path and see if it works for you, and you won't need to sign up for a subscription.

Do I need a Monthly subscription to buy a Booster, or vice-versa?

Regular Boosters are available for everyone, with or without a subscription. Large Boosters are available exclusively to Monthly subscribers.

Will I lose my Story Paths if I cancel my monthly membership?

No. Even if you run out of sequences or cancel your monthly membership, we'll still keep your work and you'll always be able to view it.

Do any unused sequences ever expire?

Sequences bought with a Booster never expire. Even if you come back a year later, any unused sequences will be there waiting for you.

With a Monthly membership, we let unused sequences carry over to the next month of your membership (so if you have 4 sequences left at the end of January, and if your February membership gives you 200 more sequences, you'll then have 204 sequences). However, if you ever cancel your Monthly membership, any unused sequences will expire (even if you re-subscribe again).

If I delete a sequence, will I gain back that 'credit' to create another?

No. The 'credit' is used to generate the sequence in the first place, so deleting a sequence from your Story Path won't let you create another. (Also note that there isn't a limit to the number of sequences that you can generate in a Story Path.)

Who owns the copyright/material I produce while using Story Path? Can I use it in my own commercial work?

Story Path doesn't make any claim of ownership over the work you produce with this software. As long as everything you put in is 100% your own material (i.e., you aren't trying to create fan fiction or something along those lines), the story you create from your Story Path belongs to you. And if you go on to make money from the Story Path you create, we don't require any compensation, we don't claim ownership, or anything like that.

Can I use Story Path to create romance/erotica/etc?

Yes and no. Story Path is intended to create high- and medium-level outlines and plots for your stories and scenes. So exploring and describing the high-level ups and down of a couple's romance and relationship is fine, but the software won't produce anything that could be considered pornographic (things such as sentences describing intercourse or other sexual acts). This isn't intended as a judgement, but part of our software uses a third-party service that prohibits such words.

Are there any other limitations of what I can and can't do with Story Path?

In general, anything intended for high- or medium-level fiction plotting is fine as anything "objectionable" would come at the paragraph level (that is, the sentences you'll go on to write after you've created your Story Path). As we use a third-party service as part of our software, we do have to place some restrictions on what's written into Story Path, which includes excessive swearing, extreme violence, and hate speech.

That said, these restrictions won't stop you from producing an outline for your story. There isn't a problem with you creating a horror or thriller Story Path, or an action story or war/military story as, again, anything particularly graphic wouldn't really be in an outline.

Where do these paths and sequences come from?

Story Path incorporates A.I. and machine learning technology to analyse your story inputs (such as characters, genre, a brief description) and come up with possible 'next steps' in your plots. As you add sequences to your Story Path, the software can look back further into the story and have a better idea of where it might go.

Why weren't all of my sequences generated?

First, rest assured that you aren't charged for any sequences we couldn't generate.

Sometimes you'll try to generate, say, three new sequences but only receive back one or two. One reason this happens is that you don't have enough sequence credits. In these instances, we try to generate as many sequences as your credit balance allows.

The other reason this issue can occur is because of the content filter described above. As the sequences are generated via an AI system, it will sometimes create content that contains excessive sexuality/violence/swearing or be generally offensive. In these instances, the third-party service we use rejects these sequences, meaning we can't use them. Again, in these instances, you aren't charged for a failed generation, and you can always try again.

Subsequent attempts will usually produce results, but sometimes some Story Paths will get caught at a blocking point where, because of the filter, it can't procede. To get past this you can: 1) Try a different path; 2) Add your own 'empty sequence' and fill it in, then continue generating from there.

How do I cancel my subscription?

Follow these steps.
  1. Log into your account.
  2. Visit the Account page.
  3. Under Subscription, there will be a notice saying which plan you're currently subscribed to, with a link to "Manage". Click on this link.
  4. Remember that ending your membership will void any unused sequence credits that you've banked up from previous months. (Any credits bought in Booster packs are unaffected.)
  5. In the box that appears, click the button to confirm your cancelation.

Will I lose my work if I cancel my subscription?

No. If you cancel, you can always come back and view your existing work and export it.

How do I delete my Story Path account entirely?

Remember that this will permanently delete all of your work! We strongly suggest you export your story paths first.
  1. Log into your account.
  2. Visit the Account page.
  3. At the bottom of the Account page you will see a button saying "I want to delete my account". Click this and a short form will appear.
  4. If you have an active subscription, you'll be prompted to first cancel it.
  5. Tick the box acknowledging that you will destroy all of your work and lose any remaining sequence credits, then click the "Delete my account now" button.