About Story Path's Team

Greetings fellow writers!

My name's Brad Dehnert, and I'm the lead developer of Story Path and Scene One.

I'm a writer and web developer from Australia who's lived in a few fancy places around the world but has now settled in Vancouver, Canada. Before I dove into the world of story-telling apps, I worked as a developer in the worlds of finance, online and youth marketing, journalism, and too many freelance jobs to remember!

When I can tear myself away from typing code, I type up words that sometimes resemble science fiction stories. These tend to lean towards Thrillers and Military Sci-Fi, and I have three and a half novels sitting in a drawer waiting for me to get back to them. Lately I've also been dabbling in short stories to help explore the wider worlds I've created in my novels.

What led me to create Story Path was the emergence of AI tools capable of providing meaningful text and follow instructions - these tools don't just give back canned responses or random sentences. I saw a way for writers to take all of their big ideas and condense them down into meaningful and focussed threads. And - with a little experimentation - Story Path was born!

My hope is that writers can use Story Path to break through writer's block and get back to writing quicker. So, hey, stop reading this and sign up!

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